Medellín Metrocables

Medellín Metrocable Linea J – Image by Steven Dale

Medellín, Colombia is presently home to three Metrocable lines. Linea J and Linea K are both urban commuter lines that link directly to the city’s rail system. Linea L connects residents to Parque Arvi, a large park located on the outskirts of town.

Metrocable Linea K was the first system in the city and is generally considered the world’s first fully integrated urban CPT cable system. The success of the line led to the construction of Linea J.

Both Metrocable lines J and K serve neighbourhoods located in the mountain foothills that surround the city. Linea K is located in a well-established area while Linea J extends into an barrio that is currently experiencing rapid growth.

Both lines have had positive impacts on their surrounding area and decreased travel time for many. Medellín is currently planning two more cable car lines.

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