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Weekly Roundup: Yenimahalle-Şentepe Cable Car Opens in Ankara, Turkey

Image by Flickr user sinan5806.

A quick look at some of the things that happened this week in the world of urban gondolas, cable cars and cable propelled transit:

Yenimahalle – Şentepe Teleferik (Ankara, Turkey)
We received news last year that Ankara’s urban cable car had begun operations in March 2014. But reports this week suggest that the 3.2km system opened on May 20. If Google Translate is accurate, perhaps this was a phased opening. If you know what is actually happening on the ground (or just a few metres up) we’d love to hear from you.

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Buffalo SkyLine (USA)
CUP was in the Queen City this week to give an overview of urban gondola systems. The presentation served as a primer for an Outer Harbour gondola proposal by local group, Citizens for Regional Transit and 21st Century Park. A cable car system offers several advantages. For instance, it could be built at a fraction of the cost of a lift bridge but without impeding marine traffic. We think it would look beautiful too.

Mi Teleferico Annual Maintenance (La Paz, Bolivia)
It’s hard to believe La Paz’s Red Line has been operating for almost a year now. As part of the annual maintenance requirements, the system will be closed from May 25 to May 29. Next, the Green Line services will close for maintenance, June 1 to June 5. While these procedures may inconvenience commuters, they’re necessary to ensure maximum safety and reliability.



Weekly Roundup: Wuppertal Cable Car Deemed Feasible

View of Wuppertal. Image from Wikipedia.

A quick look at some of the things that happened this week in the world of urban gondolas, cable cars and cable propelled transit:

Wuppertal Cable Car (Germany)
Studies for an urban gondola in Wuppertal have come back positive. Next, plans for this USD $56 million (EUR 50 million), 2.8km, 3S cable car with a line capacity of 3,500 undergo public scrutiny. An open series of information meetings are planned for June but debates are expected to last for a year. After that, Council will decide whether the project moves forward for planning approvals.

Bandung Cable Car (Indonesia)
Bandung, Indonesia’s third largest city, has serious traffic problems. Project developers are planning an 875m, $11 million urban cable car. Mayor Ridwan Kamil supports the idea and even envisions over 10km of gondolas in the city. Proponents now face the challenge of financing this endeavor.

Yes, Then No to Grand Canyon Aerial Tram (USA)
In a sudden change of events, the new president of the Navajo Nation (America’s largest Native reservation) apparently confirmed plans for an aerial tram yesterday only to oppose it today. If the system if built, it will be part of a massive $1 billion development plan which will add hotels, stores, and various amenities to the Grand Canyon site.



Weekly Roundup: Kenya’s Second Largest City Plans Water Crossing Cable Car

Likoni Ferry. Image by Flickr user Greg McMullin.

A quick look at some of the things that happened this week in the world of urban gondolas, cable cars and cable propelled transit:

Likoni Cable Car (Mombasa, Kenya)
Plans for an aerial cable system crossing Killindini Harbour from Likoni to Mombasa ‘surfaced’ this week. With its transport capacity of 5,500 pphpd, the cable car is proposed as a complement to the existing Likoni Ferry. The system will cost USD$41 million and construction is expected to begin in September 2015.

Maintenance Continues on Ngong Ping 360 (Hong Kong, China)
The Ngong Ping 360 remains closed until May 12 for annual maintenance. So far, inspections have revealed surface wear on a section of track rope near Tower 5. In the meantime, other attractions, like the Ngong Ping Village and “Walking with Buddha”, remain open.

Buffalo Skyline (Buffalo, NY, USA)
A gondola proposal to link Buffalo’s downtown waterfront to the Outer Harbour is beginning to gain momentum. An information session is scheduled for May 18 where Gondola Project’s very own Nicholas Chu will give an overview of Cable Propelled Transit. Click here for more details.



Weekly Roundup: 8km Gondola Proposed in France

3S Gondola proposal connecting Magland, Arâches-la-Frasse and Flaine (France).

Screenshot of route Map: araches-la-frasse.fr

A quick look at some of the things that happened this week in the world of urban gondolas, cable cars and cable propelled transit:

3S Gondola in Magland<>Les Carroz<>Flaine (France)? 
A 8km, 5 station 3S gondola has been proposed to connect Magland’s TGV train station to the Flaine ski resort. Magland is a French commune of 3000 people, Les Carroz is a popular tourist destination in Arâches-la-Frasse, and Flaine is a renowned ski area. Estimates suggest that the system can be built at €85 million ($95 million USD).

Maokong Gondola Annual Maintenance
The Maokong Gondola in Taipei, Taiwan will undergo its annual maintenance starting next Monday. In total the system will be shut down for 2 weeks from May 4 to May 19, with service resuming on May 20.

Porsche Cabins
Motrolix visits Zell am See, the Austrian town that’s home to the Porsche Design Studio. They get a chance to tour the office and look into the inspirations behind their work — including the world’s only Porsche designed cabin on Schmittenhöhe mountain.



Weekly Roundup: Rio’s Providência Cable Car Set to Open (Again?) in May

Image by Flickr user Sebástian Freire.

A quick look at some of the things that happened this week in the world of urban gondolas, cable cars and cable propelled transit:

Providência Cable Car (Rio de Janiero, Brazil)
Residents of Rio de Janeiro can breathe a sign of relief, now that officials have announced the Teleférico da Providência will actually commence operations this May. The system will operate from 7am-7pm and is expected to transport 8000 passengers per day. The announcement came as something of a surprise since construction was completed in May 2013. What’s more, the cable car was reported to have opened for service last July!

Téléphérique Oued Koreiche-Bouzaréah (Algeria)
Since opening in September 2014, the Téléphérique Oued Koreiche-Bouzaréah in Algiers’ suburbs has been wholly embraced by locals. The 2.9km urban cable car now attracts 6,500 each day. That’s about 200,000 riders per month who didn’t have a ride a year ago.

Aerial Pods Planned Again in Israel
Last year, Skytrans announced plans to work with Tel Aviv. Now it appears that the company has partnered with the municipality of Herzliya to explore the feasibility of an aerial maglev. However, officials cautioned that the system is merely in the planning stages and has a long way to go.



Weekly Roundup: Penang Chief Minister Announces Urban Cable Car, Skycab

Penang Sky Cab.

Penang Sky Cab.

A quick look at some of the things that happened this week in the world of urban gondolas, cable cars and cable propelled transit:

Penang Skycab
Plans for an urban gondola were announced this week in Penang, Malaysia. The 3km system — estimated to cost RM 250-300 million (USD$69-83 million) — will connect Penang Sentral, a future multimodal transport hub in the town of Butterworth, to George Town on Penang island. The island is already linked via ferry and road, but the cable car will provide an alternative and more comfortable form of transit for 1,000 persons per hour in each direction. Passengers are expected to be both tourists and commuters.

POMA’s Presence in Algeria
Algerian news agency, Reporters, interviewed POMA Director Jean Souchal regarding the ropeway manufacturer’s growing presence in Algeria. The country is Africa’s leader in urban cable cars with systems in Algiers, Blida, Constantine, Oran and Tlemcen. The Franco-Algerian partnership should pave the way for more urban gondolas.

Base-to-Base Gondola (Olympic Valley, California)
First there was the world-famous Peak 2 Peak Gondola in Whistler, BC. Now, a Base-to-Base Gondola is being developed to connect the iconic mountains of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. The 1400-capacity gondola hopes to improve skiers’ experience and reduce vehicular traffic between the sites.



Weekly Roundup: Urban Zoo Gondola Mooted in Halle, Germany


View from Bergzoo’s observation tower (Halle, Germany). Image by Flickr user Manu.

A quick look at some of the things that happened this week in the world of urban gondolas, cable cars and cable propelled transit:

Urban Zoo Cable Car Concept (Halle, Germany)
Halle, a city of 230,000 in the Germany’s Saxony-Anhalt state, invited three ropeway manufacturers to further examine its cable car concept. Plans are preliminary, but the proposal seeks to improve access and rider experience to Bergzoo, the city’s zoological garden on its picturesque Reilsberg Hill.

Winter Resorts Attract Summer Visitors
Ski resorts are no longer closing their doors for summer. Many US ski areas now offer loads of outdoor activities from hiking, ziplining and rope courses to gondola rides, encouraging year-round visits.

Algerian City to Get a Cable Car?
Jijel, a city of 130,000 residents in the Algeria’s northeast, may soon have its own urban cable car. A study is underway for a 1.4km system connecting the city of Ayouf to Ville a la Maison de la Culture.

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