World Map Update: Urban Gondolas, Cable Cars and Cable Propelled Transit

Spring has sprung so we decided to do some housekeeping at the Gondola Project and update our urban gondola map.

Since our last update in November 2016, we’ve documented another 19 new urban ropeway proposals  — pushing the total proposal list to over 140.

For new urban cable car lines, three systems have since opened for passenger service: 1) Línea H (Medellin); 2)Línea Azul (La Paz-El Alto); and 3) Eagle Skylift (Arthurs Seat).

Top right: Línea H. Top right: Línea Azul. Bottom: Eagle Skylift. Images by Metro Medellin, Mi Teleferico and ASEagle.

Top left: Línea H. Top right: Línea Azul. Bottom: Eagle Skylift. Images by Metro Medellin, Mi Teleferico and ASEagle.

Based on the compiled data, proposed systems ranged from simple 300m lines up to massive 42,000m ropeways spread over 20+ stations. Geographically, proposals were split into the following continents:

  • Africa: 4%
  • Asia: 18%
  • Australia: 5%
  • Europe: 34%
  • North America: 23%
  • South America: 16%

For those who peruse the map, it might be useful to keep in mind that proposals simply represent ones that have made a public announcement. Chances are, countless systems are currently being planned and designed without any public notification.

Furthermore, reader’s should note that the system’s documented (mostly) represent ropeways built in a non-ski lift/urban setting and are no longer limited to just mass transit cable cars. The map’s scope was expanded since the term Cable Propelled Transit (CPT) or mass transit cable cars was failing to fully capture all the ropeway activity happening in the urban market.

While we try our best to keep ourselves afloat with all the comings and goings of the industry, we certainly wouldn’t be able to compile everything without the help of our readers who’ve shared countless dozens of proposals/systems with us.

So, as always, if we’ve missed anything (and chances are that we have), please let us know!




  • Shin-Kobe Ropeway — Dossier
  • Constantine Cable Car — Dossier
  • Teleférico Metropolitano — Dossier
  • Yenimahalle – Sentepe (Ankara) Cable Car — Dossier





World Map Update: More Cable Propelled Transit and Urban Cable Cars

The urban cable car industry continues to grow and make headways around the world. In October 2016 alone, 8 new systems were proposed.

To properly reflect the status of Cable Propelled Transit systems, an update to the world urban gondola map has been made.




  • Mexicable – Ecatepec, Mexico (website)


Our Facebook and Twitter page has up-to-the-minute updates, so be sure to check it out. If you have any ideas on how to make the map better or if we’ve missed something, please let us know in the comments below or send us an email at gondola@creativeurbanprojects.com.



Recent Ropeway Roundup


Metrocable photo courtesy of Rubi Florez

Metrocable photo courtesy of Rubi Florez

Bogota Metro and Metrocable Up in the Air

“Seeking clarity on the new administration’s plans,” Colombia’s National Development Fund has paused the tendering process until February, 2016, effectively pausing infrastructure plans. More.

“Boom!” Editorial Questions Cable Car Construction in Korea

Right now, there are over 30 gondola projects being planned or promoted in Korea. The country is experiencing what one editorial calls a boom and questions, “whether there will be enough demand” to make the projects profitable, plus whether environmental concerns are being adequately addressed. More.

Murmurs in Mumbai Mirror of Gondola Linking Local Tourist Sites

Mumbai, India’s historic Sewri Fort and beautiful Elephanta Caves are separated by 6.5kms of water. The local port trust is “toying with the idea” linking the sites by a ropeway (a tourist draw in itself). More.





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Update: Systems Added to Urban Gondola Map

You know what they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Or in our case, the world’s first and most comprehensive urban gondola map (full map via Google) but that’s harder to rhyme.

We’ve had a few requests the past week so we’ve gone ahead and made a few changes:

  1. Added two Algerian urban gondolas: Skikda Telepherique and Tlemcen Telepherique
  2. Added Argo Ropeway (Batumi, Georgia)
  3. New photos
  4. Website/URL links for proposed gondolas.

The map has been a huge hit and I’m sure there will be more requests so we’ll do our best to keep up. Leave a comment below, Facebook us, Tweet us or email: gondola (at) creativeurbanprojects.com.

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Where to find existing and proposed URBAN GONDOLAS

To further enlighten those interested in urban cable cars systems, the Gondola Project has begun mapping them out (link 1 – Gondola Project; link 2 – Full Map via Google).

First, we’ve organized existing urban systems. You can navigate/locate these two ways:

  1. Visually locate the system and/or
  2. Zoom into system’s location and find the alignment

Once you find your cable car, click on the icon or the alignment to view the relevant stats and links.

And, second, the list of proposed urban gondolas: the icon is merely pinned to a generic location in the proposed city.

Tip: Looking at the whole world, you’ll see fewer systems because they cluster in areas. (Maps, being mere graphic representations of reality, are never perfect.) Zoom into the area you’re interested in to reveal seemingly hidden icons.

This map will be an ongoing project, updated accordingly.

Feel free to help. We’re still learning the intricacies of Google My Maps, so if you have any recommendations on how we can improve this, please leave us a comment below or on any of our social media channels (just Facebook/gondolaproject and Twitter @CUPgondola for now).

Happy navigating!



New Urban Gondola in Bogota


A new urban cable car in Bogota is expected to bring about the benefits seen in La Paz's gondola system. Image via Doppelmayr.

A new urban cable car in Bogota is expected to bring about the benefits seen in La Paz’s gondola system. Image via Doppelmayr.

Bogota, Colombia’s capital city of 6.7 million residents, will be adding an urban cable car system to its transit network. Doppelmayr, the world leader in ropeways, won and signed the contract to build this aerial transport system on July 16, 2015. Similar to many other urban cable cars in South America, Bogota’s detachable gondola will be fully integrated into the city’s public transportation system. The project is scheduled for completion in the next two years.


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New Year, New Gondola Project

The Rheine and The Moselle

Back in November, the Gondola Project celebrated its fifth anniversary (!) by expanding its staff to include an Editor-in-Chief — namely, me

Over the course of its 1,892-day existence (so far), the creators of this site have been working tirelessly to provide readers with an informed yet accessible overview of all the cable-propelled transit developments around the world, and to educate people about every aspect of this particular technology while also introducing them to a wide range of other under-the-radar urban planning and alternative transit ideas.  

Going forward, we’ll be increasing the frequency of posts and looking to include a number of new voices, as well as refining our approach to the cable car primer section. The goal here is to create an engaging and informative entry point for cable transit news and views, while developing a comprehensive guide to the most important systems in the world and the technologies that make them work. 

I’ll be overseeing the site’s evolution, bringing nearly a decade of journalism and magazine editing experience (city/culture editor and infographic creator at The Grid, staff writer at Eye Weekly, freelance writer for Spacing, Report in Business, Exclaim!, etc.) to the table in order to enhance the overall look and feel of the Gondola Project.

Stay tuned for lots of exciting developments. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @CUPprojects and look for us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest (coming soon). 

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