Urban Ropeway in Berlin Opens for IGA 2017

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IGA Ropeway. Image from LEITNER Ropeways.

After much anticipation, the urban gondola for Berlin’s 2017 International Garden Show (IGA 2017) has finally opened for passenger service on April 13, 2017. As the investor, builder and operator of the IGA 2017 gondola, LEITNER Ropeways played a pivotal role in helping implement Berlin’s first cable car in 60 years. 

With over 5,000 events spread out over 104 hectares, IGA 2017 will function as a platform for intercultural dialogue and innovation. The event is designed with a focus on green urban spaces and culture, making the gondola a perfect fit for the horticultural exhibition. 

Gondola technology not only has a low footprint on the environment, it offers near silent operations with 100% barrier-free access. Passengers aboard the ropeway’s 65 ten-person cabins soar to heights of 25-30m.  

The 1.5km system is built over three stations, with a connection to the City’s “Kienberg-Gärten der Welt”  subway station. From here, passengers are flown across the exhibition grounds to the top of Kienberg (102m) near the “Wolkenhain” observation platform. Visitors can disembark at the intermediate station or they can remain onboard as the cable car continues to travel through to the exhibition’s central area.  

With a capacity of 3,000 pphpd, the estimated 2 million visitors to IGA 2017 will have stress-free, and convenient transport throughout the site. After six months, the exhibition will come to an end on October 15, 2017. However, the urban cable car will continue to operate as a vital transit and tourist link for locals and visitors alike. 

The system will provide a quick and sustainable 4.5 minute aerial ride to the subway for residents living in the Marzahn and Hellersdorf districts. The Berlin cable car is another example of LEITNER Ropeways growing presence in the urban transport market. To learn more about the urban gondola and LEITNER Ropeways, please click here.

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