FATZER Produces 5.56 Million Meters of Steel Wire

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Image by FATZER.

Image by FATZER.

As the world leader in the production of high performance passenger ropeway cables, the record-setting Zugspitze / Eibsee Ropeway in Germany has chosen to place its trust in FATZER. The Swiss company, located in Romanshorn, has a global reputation for delivering reliable, safe, and high quality products. 

To help the Zugspitze / Eibsee Ropeway reach Germany’s highest peak, six massive spools of steel rope were produced. Four full lock-coil track cables measuring in at 4,900m in length and 72mm in diameter were manufactured. In addition, two haul/propulsion cables measuring in at 4,610m in length, and 47mm and 41mm in diameter were also fabricated. For the entire project, 5.56 million meters of 1.85mm-4.22mm steel wires were twisted.

Designed with maximum safety and reliability in mind, each track cable was built with a nominal breaking strength of 6’772 kN, or 690 metric tons. And thanks to the installation of INTEGRA-DATA track ropes which integrate data transfer capabilities, the mountain and base stations can now communicate effectively with each other for decades to come. 

Given the enormous weight of each rope (153 tons), the static load was not suitable for some bridges and roadways via standard delivery methods. As such, FATZER worked closely with transporters to engineer a special logistical solution whereby the steel cables were distributed and transported over two carrying loads.

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