Tbilisi/Georgian Ropeways, Part 1.3 – Exploring Martvili and Khulo

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Georgian ropeways continue to be a source of curiosity and fascination. Perhaps its relative remoteness adds a degree of mystique to the many cable car systems now being (re)discovered. Luckily, as technology improves, we’re beginning to learn more and more about the treasure trove of ropeways in Georgia.

Below are a few videos that we recently shared with us.

Martvili Ropeway

This system is located in Western Georgia and connects small town (pop: 4,400) to a monastery.

Khulo Ropeway

A 1,700m passenger ropeway linking Khulo (pop: 1,000), a small town 80km east of Batumi, to the remote village of Tugo. Residents ride the cable car on a daily basis as it functions as a vital transit link across the gorge. Despite the breathtaking views, the 10 minute cable car ride costs only 10 cents!

 A big thank you goes to Irakli Z. for the links!

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