LEITNER Ropeways Improves Urban Mobility in Tuscany with PisaMover

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The automated PisaMover provides rapid transit to Galileo Galilei Airport. Image by LEITNER ropeways.

The PisaMover in Tuscany, Italy is the latest cable-drawn urban rail transport system built by LEITNER ropeways. The automated people mover was implemented as part of the City’s comprehensive infrastructure plans to enhance cycling, walking and public transit.

Officially inaugurated on March 18, 2017, the new 1,760m cable transport system was designed with MiniMetro technology and provides users with a direct five minute connection between the City’s main train station (Pisa Central), an intermediary 1,400 space car park (San Giusto/Aurelia) and Galileo Galilei airport. The PisaMover operates at speeds of up to 40km/h with vehicle capacities of 107 passengers per train (two trains of three connected cabins).

LEITNER ropeways collaborated with a diverse team of professionals which included Italian star architect Adolfo Natalini (vehicle and station design) and the University of Pisa (special vehicle bogy design for added comfort). LEITNER’s DirectDrive technology was used to maximize energy savings, emissions reduction and noise reduction.


PisaMover is projected to transport 2.0 – 2.6 million passengers each year. Image by LEITNER ropeways.

Before the PisaMover, passengers were subject to shuttle bus rides on congested roads between the train station and the airport. However with the introduction of the cable-drawn people mover, it will help reduce road traffic, enhance ride comfort and improve urban mobility.

This innovative transport line was built for 72 million Euros under a pubic-private-partnership arrangement between LEITNER ropeways and Condotte d’Acqua S.p.A., one of Italy’s largest construction companies. The system will be operated by the two companies for 33 years before it is transferred to the municipality of Pisa.


System: MiniMetro
Length (m): 1,760
Number of Vehicles: 2
Speed (km/h): Up to 40
Passenger Capacity: 107 persons per vehicle
Journey Time: 5 min (incl stop at mid-station)

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