Doppelmayr Group Increases Sales Revenues by 5%

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10-MGD-Mellaubahn in Austria laid foundation for Doppelmayr’s international success. Image by Doppelmayr.

Doppelmayr, the world’s largest manufacturer of ropeways, has ended off an incredibly successful financial year (2015/2016) with sales of 834 million euros. Compared to the year before, sales increased by 5% while the company’s global workforce increased to 2,673 employees.

As the world industry leader, Doppelmayr has continued to raise the bar on ropeway innovation by introducing its new D-Line product offering. The D-Line is the next-generation of cable car designs resulting in greater performance, speed and capacity.

In 2017, Doppelmayr will continue to set new records. A 7,900m 3S gondola in Hòn Thơm, Vietnam is scheduled to open while the world’s largest urban gondola network in La Paz-El Alto embarks on its second phase.

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