FATZER Opens State-of-the-Art Rope Production Facility

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Production plant. Image by FATZER.

Production plant in Romanshorn, Switzerland. Image by FATZER.

FATZER, the world leader in steel wire rope manufacturing, has just completed its brand new 16,000m2/172,000ft2 production site.

While the site took a total of 6 years to complete, it was well worth the wait. The state-of-the-art facility now has the capacity to produce 15,000 tonnes of steel cables every year and is equipped with the canton of Thurgau’s largest photovoltaic plant!

Production Site. Image by FATZER.

Facility built using 4000 cubic meters of cast concrete, 2,394 tonnes of precast concrete and 670 tonnes of steel. Image by FATZER.

The new site will build on the legacy of the former production plant which was in operations for an incredible 180 years. This purpose built facility not only marks a new era for FATZER, but it has also enhanced its ability to produce larger and more advanced ropes.

The plant is now able to handle 100mm stranded wire ropes, 135mm full locked coil ropes and single cables weighing up to 200 tonnes. The new production site also offers great news for the urban cable transit market as it is equipped with the world’s fastest rope test system.

Ropes can be tested at speeds of up to 18 m/s (64 kph/40 mph), which is more than double the speed of the world’s fastest 3S gondola (8.5 m/s or 30kph/19mph). Alongside its impressive suite of specially designed cables for urban applications — PERFORMA DT and OCTURA — this testing device and new facility undoubtedly demonstrates FATZER’s dedication to innovation and cements its position as the world’s preeminent rope manufacturer.

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