Another Urban Gondola? Keçiören Teleferik in Ankara, Turkey

Post by Nick Chu

Keçiören Teleferik. Image by Panoramio user Zeynel Yesilay.

One of the great things about blogging on the Gondola Project is that you never stop learning. And this time, thanks to one of our long time followers, Giorgio, we’ve been informed about another urban gondola that’s allegedly been in operations since 2007.

This system is called the Ankara-Keçiören Teleferik or simply the Keçiören Teleferik.

We’ve tried to do a quick google search on this system but due to time constraints and a language barrier, we’ve only been able to find out very little. What we do know is that the system is reportedly 1.6km in length, has a capacity of 1200 pph, and runs at a max speed of 5 m/s.

If anyone has anymore information about this CPT line, we would love to hear about it. In the meantime, here are some more pictures of the system in action.

Keçiören Teleferik. Image by http://www.stmteleferik.com.tr/

Keçiören Teleferik. Image by http://fatihbozkaya.com/.

Keçiören Teleferik. Image by http://fatihbozkaya.com/.

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  1. Matt the Engineer
    Hey, I was in Ankara around 2007! I don't remember seeing a gondola line, but it might have been under construction, or I might have just missed it. Here's a gondola station on Google Maps.
  2. Hey, I just found -what seems to be- the official website for that gondola system. At this page http://keciorenteleferik.com/sayfa.php?id=2 , you can see some technical data about the Teleferik. I'm using Google Chrome, which offers to translate any webpage. Only the capacity seems a bit weird... But the number of cabins is -surprisingly- very low. Horizontal Line Length (Total Length) : 1,653 m (3,306 m) Height Difference : 65.5 m Rope Tension Type : Hydraulic Type Number of Cabins : 16 Number of passengers in a cabin : 8 People Speed ​​(Adjustable) : 0-5 meters / second Passenger Capacity (Ideal-Speed) : 384 people / hour Motor Power : 160 kW Rope Diameter : 46 mm Opening Date (Trial Phase) : November 2007 Actual Start Date in the study : April 2008 Production Company : STM (Izmir) Travel time : 20 min Opening hours 12:00 to 20:00 (Weekdays), to 21:00 on Weekends. Which means this cable car is probably not designed for commuters, but only for tourists. Cumhuriyet İstasyonu : https://maps.google.ch/maps?q=ORAN+S%C4%B0TES%C4%B0-KE%C3%87%C4%B0%C3%96REN++ANKARA&hl=fr&ie=UTF8&ll=39.983814,32.866386&spn=0.001985,0.001438&sll=39.937909,32.850323&sspn=0.127145,0.096645&t=h&hq=ORAN+S%C4%B0TES%C4%B0&hnear=Ke%C3%A7i%C3%B6ren%2FAnkara,+Turquie&z=19 Attatürk Istasyonu : https://maps.google.ch/maps?q=G%C3%BC%C3%A7l%C3%BCkaya+Mah.+Fatih+Cad.+Cagla+Sok+Ankara&hl=fr&ie=UTF8&ll=39.969034,32.865735&spn=0.004124,0.002875&safe=off&hnear=%C3%87a%C4%9Fla+Sk,+Ankara%2FKe%C3%A7i%C3%B6ren,+Turquie&t=h&z=18 Some pictures here : http://keciorenteleferik.com/resim-galerisi.html Some videos here : http://keciorenteleferik.com/video-galerisi.html