Alpine Way Quiz – CNE

Post by Nick Chu

Earlier this year, I blogged about the new Skyride chairlift at the CNE. At that time I did some background research and watched a couple of videos of the old gondola ride at the Exhibition – called the Alpine Way – but didn’t notice any particularly special.

Alpine Way. Image from Blogto.com

However, I revisited this system this week and only then did I spot something unique about the gondola ride. If you look closely, it showcases one important feature previously discussed on the Gondola Project. Does anyone see it?

I’ve posted a video below which may help.

Hint: it’s related to capacity. 

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  1. Is it the doubling of the line?
  2. That's it! It's interesting to see this type of design right in our own backyards but then not even knowing about it until now. And unlike the Madrid example, we can actually see the "dual mdg" in operation in the Toronto system. Here's the original post if you're interested: http://gondolaproject.com/2011/02/08/introducing-stacking-or-the-dual-mdg/
  3. What's so ridiculous is how long these systems have been around without any clear record-keeping about them. It's crazy that we have to keep stumbling across these discoveries at local fairs on youtube.