La Paz Teleferico – Update

Post by Nick Chu

Route alignment and statistics for La Paz Teleferico. Image from la-razon.com

A couple weeks ago, we discovered that La Paz, Bolivia was planning to build 3 new CPT lines. However, some of the reported numbers seemed a little “off” to say the least. Based on the figures previously provided, the cable lifts would operate at speeds up to 50-60km/h!

In my attempt to set things straight, I decided to dive a little deeper into this issue. I immediately came upon some numbers that are more consistent with other CPT systems. According to the source above, the 3 lines are only 2.61km, 3.60km and 4.19km and will have trip times of 9.6 minutes, 13 minutes and 15.9 minutes respectively.

With these statistics, the system speeds are now ~16km/h, which of course, is back in the realm of possibility. Also, instead of 36km of cable, the total system length for the 3 lines is 10.4km. I hope this gives a bit more clarity on this issue, but if anyone has any updates, we’d love to hear it.

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La Paz
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