Emirates Air Line to Open June 28

Post by Nick Chu

Emirates Air Line. Image by Flickr user worldoflard.

With much speculation happening in the past on whether the Emirates Air Line will open in time for the Olympics, several media outlets have now officially confirmed that the cable car will open to the public on June 28. This is great news as the system will begin operations nearly one month before the Olympics start on July 27.

Fare pricing was also announced: adults using an Oyster Card will fork out £3.20 per ride, while a cash fare will set you back £4.30. For those who plan to use the cable car regularly, a frequent flyer’s pass is available at a cost of £16 for ten trips.

While this system is merely a simple river crossing, it is certainly the most high-profile cable car line in the Western world. The success or failure of the Emirates Air Line may have major ramifications for future urban CPT systems.

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  1. Good succinct update & I agree about the ramifications. It would have been a 'black eye' if it didn't become available... hopefully any bugs can get worked out of they system (assuming there are some) and there will be lots of 'buzz' surrounding this that can get other cities onboard the cpt bandwagon. (or at least have an open mind)