Another CPT for Colombia – The Bogota Metrocable?

Post by Nick Chu

Metrocable Line J in Medellin. Sources suggest that Bogota will see its first CPT system within 1-4 years. Image by CUP Projects.

Not to be outdone by its compatriot, Medellin, news reports coming from Bogota, Colombia indicates that the country’s capital is now seeking to build a Metrocable system of its own.

The cable car is expected to operate in the districts of Ciudad Bolivar and San Cristobal – both of which are located southwest and southeast of the city. From a cursory analysis, it appears that Ciudad Bolivar suffers from poor transport connections and is one of the poorest regions in the city.

Preliminary plans show that the system will run 3.4km in length with a capacity of 2,400-3,200 pphpd.

The Bogota Metrocable is estimated to cost $125 billion pesos ( USD ~$70 million) and will run at speeds of 5 m/s. This is nothing incredibly special nor different from the existing systems such as Medellin but its great to learn that the technology continues to make headways. If anyone has any additional information on this system, we’d love to hear from about it!


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  1. The city of Santiago de Cali in Colombia has already begun construction its own gondola transportation system as well. The system is called the MIO cable and it will connect with the rapid transit bus system that the city currently has ( similar to the Transmilenio in Bogota.) However, the project is in halt due to some issues with the contractor but it is dated to be continued. Here are some links with pictures and information. I love this website I think its great that you are informing the public about this new form of public transportation. Keep it up! -Leo [img]http://site.conalvias.com/imagenes/proyectos/63KM.p3.png[/img] http://www.metrocali.gov.co/cms/mio-cable-2/ http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=679962&page=12 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOPoF_Wnk4s
  2. Thanks Leo. This must be another one that slipped by us. Do you know if its operating at the moment? It seems like they were suppose to resolve the dispute by Jan 2013. http://diarioadn.co/cali/mi-ciudad/futuro-de-m%C3%ADo-cable-podr%C3%ADa-definirse-en-enero-1.35846