Bucaramanga Cable Car

Post by Nick Chu

We just stumbled upon an incredibly high quality and awesome video animation of a CPT line in Bucaramanga, Colombia. While we don’t know the intricate details of the line, based on a cursory look, it appears that it is a 3 station system first proposed back in 2007. If anyone knows more about the history and ongoing development of the system we’ve love to hear about it. But in the meantime, check it out:

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  1. Matt the Engineer
    (not showing up for me)
  2. Link is updated But here it is again if it doesnt work http://youtu.be/Km39lV3ik4w
  3. what th... who designs those stations? i can not even see any sense why there were put 3 "userfriendly" stairs in front of it.
  4. but much better than others seen so far. (: