Weekly Roundup: Homemade Cable Car Takes Children Across a Gorge

Post by Nick Chu

The amazing thing people would do for an education. Next time your children complain, show them this video. Image from Dailymail.co.uk.

A quick look at some of the highlights from around the world of Urban Gondolas, Gondola Transit, and Cable Propelled Transit:

  • Children in China’s Guizhou province travel to school in makeshift cable car built by a father worried about his kids travelling to school. Previously, children in the village were required to trek 4-5 hours. However, it now takes them only an hour since cable crossing opened in 2002. To learn more about this dramatic and touching story click here or see video below.
  • First built in 1924, the oldest aerial tram in Germany, the Fichtelberg Cable Car will be upgraded this year
  • While being scheduled for opening in summer 2012, Transport for London maintains its position that the Emirates Air Lines (London Cable Car) is not an Olympic project
  • Nebraska State Fair announces that they will build a Aerial Tram for their fairgrounds

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  1. how scary, but cool! never underestimate the power of human innovation to solve everyday problems