The Stanserhorn Cabrio Almost Complete (New Photos)

Post by Steven Dale

Rendering of the Stanserhorn Cabrio from 2011.

A long time ago we showed you renderings (like the one above) of the upcoming double-decker Stanserhorn Cabrio. While not an urban system per se, the system’s innovative configuration and design promises it to be one of the most interesting systems we’ve seen open in a long while – and opening shouldn’t be too far off now.

Images from a local magazine show that the cabins have been delivered and installed and we can expect the Cabrio to be operational soon. Can’t wait. Take a look:

Sorry about the image quality, it's a capture from a print magazine.

(Note: As tomorrow is Good Friday, we’re going to postpone the Weekly Roundup till Monday next week. Have a great Easter weekend, folks!) 

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  1. aerial tram?
  2. Yes, but a different kind.