Emirates Air Line (Cable Car) – PHOTOS (March 2012)

Post by Nick Chu

Sneak peek of what towers may look like at night. Image by Flickr user wawd.

More photos uploaded by users on Flickr showing the construction progression of the Emirates Air Line (Cable Car) in London.

Station under construction. Image by Flickr user wawd.

It appears that as of March 3, 2012, two towers have been erected. Image by Flickr user wawd.

For more pictures, a new thread on Skyscrapercity has been started to document its development.

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  1. From what I hear the system is still on pace to turn in May and open in June.
  2. it better be!
  3. Do you know what the cost is expected to be for this one?
  4. Around ~ $95M USD. Which should be noted is WAY out of proportion with no one really able to explain why. Rumours I'm hearing suggest that only $10-$15 M of that project cost is for the actual system itself and the custom towers (which is well within standard norms). That leaves an additional $80 - $85M for consultants, land acquisition, civil works and stations - all of which is very problematic.
  5. Oh wow, that's unfortunate! It looks fantastic, I'd love to see this crossing the river from Montreal to the south shore with a stop on illes st Helen. Then the buses wouldn't have to clog up the bridge!
  6. The cable is now up: http://londonist.com/2012/04/in-pictures-cabling-the-cable-car.php