3 Algerian Télécabine Videos

Post by Steven Dale

Check out the following three news reports on the Tlemcen, Skikda and Constantine Télécabines (in that particular order):

(Of note: In the first video – Tlemcen – we get a really great sense of how the three stations fit within the surrounding urban fabric. In the second video – Skikda – we get a really great segment about the splicing of the cables around the 3:00 minute mark.)

Telecabine de Tlemcen par C_S_A_

Télécabine de Skikda par C_S_A_

Telecabine de Constantine par C_S_A_

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  1. great footage. really liked the first video. i'd like to see more of it. how about you send them your doubledecker ideas?