Two More Urban Gondolas Approved for Constantine, Algeria?

Post by Steven Dale

An urban gondola in Constantine, Algeria (we think). Image via Skyscraper City.

The Algerian Gondolas have been something of a black box to The Gondola Project. We know they exist. We’ve seen pictures of them and we keep hearing more are planned.

Beyond that, we know virtually nothing about them and still can’t seem to find a reliable way to gather intelligence and research on them.

Then this comes along:

According to a Google translation of a Skyscraper City forum, two more urban gondolas have been approved for Constantine, Algeria and a third is planned in the city of Tizi Ouzou. The Tizi Ouzou system is reported to be 7 km long with six individual stations (!).

Now before we get too excited, let’s remember a few things:

  • This is pure hearsay right now. While Skyscraper City is a useful resource for gathering intelligence and rumour, it’s not always the most independent or reliable of sources.
  • Compounding the previous, we’re relying on a Google translation of the forum post – also not the most reliable of resources.
  • Given our inability to gather information about the Algerian Gondolas, it’s hard to take this any more seriously than other rumours we’ve heard.

Having said that, this lack of research on the Algerian Gondolas is beginning to become a black eye on The Gondola Project. We need to track down more details on these systems as Algeria now has more urban gondolas than any other country on earth (from what we can gather – that claim needs to be double-checked as well).

As such, I’m declaring next week Algerian Gondola Week. Next week’s task for The Gondola Project is to gather as much intelligence on the Algerian Gondolas as we can possibly find. If you’d like to contribute, feel free to do so in a new Algerian Gondola specific forum.

Hopefully we can find some answers.

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Algerian Gondolas
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