Weekly Roundup: Swiss Gondola Database and Gondola Opposition

Post by Nick Chu

This is the Heiligkreuz - Kumme, Binn, Pendelbahn from Switzerland. Am I the only one seeing things? Is that a house?!? Image by seilbahninventar.ch

A few highlights from around the world of Urban Gondolas, Regular Gondolas, and Cable Propelled Transit:

  • We’re really getting spoiled here at the Gondola Project. Another gondola database is released. This time by the Swiss Government and it documents every single cable system in the country. Super awesome!
  • Perhaps another CPT system will soon be in operation. Plans to build a cable car and a monorail? in Aizawl (city in Eastern India) are announced! Let’s hope this isn’t something lost in translation.
  • A Forest Grove resident voices his displeasure with the Burnaby Gondola proposal


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