Weekly Roundup

Post by Steven Dale

A few highlights from around the world of Urban Gondola Transit and Cable Propelled Transit:

Rendering of a planned gondola in Hamburg, Germany.

  • Big news: Investors announce a $140 million (USD) plan to build a 5.2 km long urban gondola system in Hamburg, Germany. The system would have three stations with plans contingent upon city approvals. Unfortunately, it does not appear the system will be integrated into Hamburg’s transit system. We’ll follow-up on this one next week with a more comprehensive analysis.
  • UN Habitat’s most recent issue of Urban World includes a piece on urban gondolas in Latin America (page 7). As well, we here at CUP contributed copy, images and infographics for a piece in the same issue entitled Trend: Aerial Ropeways as an innovative solution for urban transport (page 22).
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  1. Proßt, hurrah and w00t! to the news for London and Hamburg