The Central Question Transit Should Ask

Post by Steven Dale

Image by flickr user joiseyshowaa.

As the world shifts rapidly from a rural-centric to an urban-centric model, so too will business, work, and the ability for people to survive, sustain and thrive. For all practical purposes, this transition has already occurred. Some of us will never leave the cities we’re born in; some of us will never see a countryside.

We’ve conquered the frontier but sought refuge behind the city gates.

In other words, our livelihoods will for the next millennia be tied directly to our ability to move through and interact with cities. So the central question is, therefore, this:

Should a reasonable expectation of easy mobility within urban areas be a universal human right? Should a right to urban mobility exist?


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  1. Ah the right to mobility! Let's see if David Harvey's commune arises in Egypt, now that we have a truly urban revolution there. At this point, history is an open book. I'm hopeful! Let's watch...
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yv5Gf5XPJLw