Roosevelt Island Tram – Original Video

Post by Steven Dale

Gareth Long is an artist in New York and one of my oldest and dearest friends.

Sadly, due to the two-headed monster known as Geography and Life, we rarely get to see each other. But given the recent reopening of the Roosevelt Island Tram, it seemed like a logical opportunity to work together and see what Gareth could come up with.

We’d hoped to have it up last week, but bad weather prevented the feel Gareth was looking for. Nevertheless, here we have it: The Gondola Project’s first original video documentation of a cable transit system, the rebuilt Roosevelt Island Tram:


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  1. Great video of the Roosevelt Island Tram - it really is a great way to travel over the East River. Thanks for making it. If you are interested, here's what it was like on Roosevelt Island during the Grand Re-Opening of the Tram and the first couple of days of it's operation. http://tinyurl.com/24z2zuy
  2. Nice video! Thanks for sharing.