Sunday Morning Statshot

Post by Nick Chu

A quick look at some of the things that make your cities work (or not):

No pant’s day: Underwear everywhere

Pantless subway ride: 44 cities

Participants: 5000

Pantless subway ride: New York style

Next event: Sunday, January 9, 2011

Telstar Logistics: Free illegal loading zone parking

Parking pet peeve: Empty shopping carts in parking spots

Bad parking: 55 examples

Exacting revenge: Youparklikeanassh*le.com

“RV’ing” a school bus: $2000

Bomb proofing a bus: Rhino runner

Love bus: V-dub

Latvian bus: 1.5 million kilometers travelled

Equals: 45 round trips around the planet

Ostrich + car: Ostrich car

Number of Metro agency logos: 100+

Year of New York’s Secret Subway: 1860

Vintage holiday subway ride: New York trains

Year of Cincinnati’s subway proposal: 1884

Year abandoned: 1929, Great Depression

1940s transportation of the future: Railroad sized bus

Number of right side drivers: 4 billion

Left side drivers: 2 billion

Experience left side driving in Canada: Autoroute 20 – Lachine Rapids/Ottawa River

Oddest traffic rule: Michigan left

Low cost city living & traveling: Snail shell system

“Cool” cities: Import based

“Uncool” cities: Export based

Exporting Urban Planning: Singapore

Revenue generated: $40 million

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Sunday Statshot
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