Things Spread Quickly

Post by Steven Dale

Last month CUP conducted a study of all planned, conceived or under-construction cable systems in South America.

Our findings shocked even us: Almost 5 dozen systems are in the works on that continent and that number doesn’t even include Brazil (because of the Portuguese language issues – as in, we don’t speak Portuguese), the largest country and economy in South America.

The idea has spread at a remarkable rate, starting with one very humble system in Medellin, Colombia, which opened only half a decade ago.

Once this crosses the divide into the English-speaking world, all bets are off.

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  1. Is this study public? I would be very keen to read it. btw your link to the CUP website is broken. Thanks
  2. Steve, I'd say the CPT idea is spreading in Latin America much faster than the BRT idea has. That is good...now if we could educate the Norte Americanos!
  3. Scott, No, the study's not within the public domain. Thanks for noting the broken link.
  4. Who is CUP ? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CUP
  5. http://creativeurbanprojects.com/
  6. 5 dozen urban CPT systems or ropeways for skiing or in the rainforests?
  7. Guenther, A combination of urban tourist and CPT systems. Plus the funiculars in Valparaiso.