A Toronto Gondola System

Post by Steven Dale

A while back I wrote a post soliciting people to contribute their own Cable Propelled Transit conceptual ideas. Aside from some uptake from the good people over at neoHouston, there was little interest. No wonder: I never offered my own conceptual. Kinda’ hypocritical, huh?

So, without further ado . . . Here’s how I’d use cable in my fine hometown of Toronto, Canada. To readers not from Toronto, please just play along:

The current status. Four high-capacity metro lines but with little connectivity and network qualities.

This initial line seems insignificant. However it could relive thousands of riders from the bottleneck that exists at Bloor-Yonge. It could function as a miniature Downtown Relief Line (DRL).

You'll notice that the concept is intentionally phased. The whole concept being to start small, prove the technology's worth and not risk vast sums of money.

Over time the network can be expanded. Phases are not, however, dependent upon subsequent phases to be worthwhile. In other words, Phase 1 is useful even if Phase 3 is never built. This allows for the winds of political change to do what they will with no adverse effects.

People familiar with Toronto will also notice how the network utilizes the Don Valley Corridor, the Gardiner Expressway and Overlea Blvd, vast open corridors that are ideal for accommodating urban gondolas.

Overlea Blvd, meanwhile, is the third densest employment cluster in all of the Greater Toronto Area. The purpose of this concept is to connect places where people work, play and live.

And that's what I'd do.

One thing I love about conceptual maps and ideas is they allow us to play, dream and get excited. Feel free to tear my concept apart in the comments section and propose alterations.

And if you’ve got an idea (for Toronto or anywhere else), just jot it down whenever you like and send it to us. We’ll make sure to post it.

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