Be Skeptical About Cable Propelled Transit

Post by Steven Dale

I love skeptics. Skeptics are a necessary check and balance in our entire system. They’re also some of the most positive and exciting individuals you’ll come across. There is a difference, however, between healthy skepticism and cynicism, even though the two terms are often used interchangeably.

Skeptics challenge the status quo and vet new ideas. Skeptics are people who question and arrive at a conclusion based upon empirical evidence.

Cynics, on the other hand, maintain the status quo and aggressively reject new ideas because they don’t fit in with their preferred worldview.

Cable Propelled Transit isn’t for cynics. For cynics, CPT is too weird. Too different. Too strange. Too unbelievable. Too futuristic. Too slow. Too small. Too dangerous. Too expensive. Whether what the cynic believes is factually accurate or not is irrelevant. To the cynic, CPT is a total non-starter because it does not jive with what they already believe. Full stop.

To a skeptic, cable transit is a possibility that needs more information to be understood. Is it practical? How fast is it? What is the capacity? Is it safe? What is the cost? How do these things compare to a bus? To a streetcar? To a subway? Has this ever been done before? Where, when and for how much?

Cynics reject with dogma and ideology. Skeptics encourage with challenges and inquiry.

Stop wasting time and energy arguing with the cynics. Invest time and energy answering the skeptics.

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Comments Off on Be Skeptical About Cable Propelled Transit