Photo of the Week: Providência Cable Car (Teleférico da Providência)

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System Dossier: Yenimahalle Teleferik (Ankara Gondola)

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The Yenimahalle Teleferik. Image by Steven Dale.

The Turkish capital of Ankara demonstrates effectively how cable propelled transit (CPT) can efficiently complement an already existent public transit network. The MDG 10-passenger gondola lift from Leitner ropeways connects the hillside towns of Sentepe and Yenimahalle with Ankara’s metro system. Installed in 2014, the cable car system was extended in 2015 making it the longest urban gondola on the Eurasian continent at 3.2 km. Like many other situations seen in South America, this innovative means of transportation provides an alternative solution to combating the high traffic volume experienced in dense neighbourhoods.

Approaching Station Two of the Yenimahalle Teleferik from Station Three. Image by Steven Dale.

An incredibly fascinating quality about the Yenimahalle system is its relationship with the surrounding urban environment. With limited land space, developers had to devise a creative approach to each station’s design and location. The initial station, which is integrated with the metro, is built above a four-way intersection! One of the stations occupies a traffic island, while another straddles the road, allowing traffic to flow underneath. The clever placement of each station exemplifies CPT’s ability to flexibly adapt into a high-density, metropolitan setting.

Street level of the Yenimahalle Teleferik, Station Four. Image by Steven Dale.

Another point worth discussing is the impact the cable car has had on the city. Seen throughout multiple vantage points, the cable car has effectively become a noticeable attraction to the city. Passengers can be observed riding the gondola for leisurely purposes just as much as for commuting purposes. On the gondola, riders can enjoy the panoramic views of the city at day or night. Additional features built in the system such as heated cabins and LED lighting only add to the ridership experience.

For a more fulsome review of the Ankara system, follow the links below.


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Read Part 8 – Conclusion

Opened 2014
Length (km) 3.2
Stations 4
Capacity (pphpd) 2400
Ridership (monthly) 360000 (phase 1)
Fare Free




Photo of the Week: Narikala Ropeway

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Brest Cable Car (Téléphérique) Opens for Service

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Brest Cable Car. Image by Ph. Saget.

France’s first Cable Propelled Transit (CPT) system, the Brest Cable Car has finally opened for passenger service this past Saturday (November 19, 2016).

The 460m long CPT line crosses the coastal river of Penfeld at heights of up to 70m and connects the City Center to the Capucins neigbhourhood (former military/industrial site currently being revitalized).

For city builders, this system has been a long time coming as it effectively demonstrates how ropeway technology has evolved to meet the special needs of the urban market.

Cabin arriving at city center station. Image by Stéphane Pareige.


Firstly, this ropeway system is the second known urban cable car (after Japan’s Morizo gondola) to have implemented smart glass. Smart glass reduces visual intrusion into nearby sensitive land uses as the glass can change from a translucent state to a “frosted/opaque” state.  Read more



Photo of the Week: Medellin Metrocable

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World Map Update: More Cable Propelled Transit and Urban Cable Cars

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The urban cable car industry continues to grow and make headways around the world. In October 2016 alone, 8 new systems were proposed.

To properly reflect the status of Cable Propelled Transit systems, an update to the world urban gondola map has been made.




  • Mexicable – Ecatepec, Mexico (website)


Our Facebook and Twitter page has up-to-the-minute updates, so be sure to check it out. If you have any ideas on how to make the map better or if we’ve missed something, please let us know in the comments below or send us an email at gondola@creativeurbanprojects.com.



Mexicable Urban Cable Car Improves Commute for Residents

Post by Nick Chu

Mexico’s new cable cars provide solutions for… by aljazeeraenglish

Al Jazeera News travels to Ecatepec, Mexico to ride the world’s newest Cable Propelled Transit system. While some residents were initially skeptical, they soon experienced first-hand the countless benefits offered by their new aerial commute. Officials hope that the Leitner-built urban cable car can catalyze further development and attract more tourist dollars.

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