Photo of the Week: Nizhny Novgorod Cable Car (Нижегородская канатная дорога)

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Drone Lays Cable for White Line (Linea Blanca)

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Drone lays guide cable. Image by Mi Teleferico.

Drone lays guide cable. Image by Mi Teleferico.

Last Friday marked another impressive milestone for the rapidly growing urban cable car network in La Paz, Bolivia.

With the help of a drone, a guide cable was strung across section 2 (between Plaza Villarroel station and Plaza Triangular station) of the White Line (Spanish: Linea Blanca).

This task was completed ahead of schedule in just 7 hours with the help of more than 150 persons. Over the next week, progressively thicker cables will be strung across the alignment until the final 50mm steel cable is installed/spliced on August 5.

The entire project is moving ahead steadily as the electromechanical equipment for 2 stations (Plaza Villarroel and Monumento Busch) is already 100% complete while Plaza Triangular station is 80% complete.

Overall, the White Line is expected to open its doors to passengers by mid-2017.



Photo of the Week: Portland Aerial Tram

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La Paz Announces New Urban Cable Car: Sky Blue Line (Linea Celeste)

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This past week, President Evo Morales announced the development of another urban cable car on the Mi Teleferico. The Sky Blue Line (Spanish: Linea Celeste) will be the eighth gondola alignment in the city’s phase two plans, which effectively makes it the 11th line of the entire Doppelmayr-built cable car network.

Mi Teleferico - 8 Lines

Sky Blue Line (Linea Celeste). Image from Mi Teleferico.

Similar to the Purple Line, the Sky Blue Line will be built with higher specs than the initial the three initial cable lifts. Here are some confirmed stats:

  • Length: 2.7km
  • Stations: 4
  • Speed: 6 m/s
  • Capacity: 4,000 pphpd
  • Towers: 27
  • Cabins: 159
  • Travel Time: 11.8 minutes

While ridership numbers were not released, this line is expected to be one of the network’s busiest. And from a preliminary review, this will likely hold true since the Sky Blue system will intersect with two existing lines (Green and Yellow) and one future line (White).

Once built, the existing Libertador (Chuqui Apu) station — already the most travelled terminal with 5.2 million passengers per year — will enable passengers to transfer to three separate lines (Green, Yellow and Sky Blue).

Astute readers may notice that this week’s announcement calls for some modifications to the previously proposed phase 2 plans. In particular, there appears to be the following changes:

  1. The previous Sky Blue Line is now known as the Golden Line (Spanish: Linea Dorado)
  2. The new Sky Blue Line becomes a completely new system
  3. The White Line (Spanish: Linea Blanca) no longer terminates at Libertador station, rather it will connect with the new Sky Blue Line’s San Jorge interchange station.
Liberator Interchange Station. Image from Skyscrapercity.

Libertador (Chuqui Apu) interchange station. Image from Skyscrapercity.

San Jorge interchange station connects riders to the White and Sky Blue line. Image from Skyscrapercity.

San Jorge interchange station connects riders to the White Line and Sky Blue line. Image from Skyscrapercity.

As part of the news release, the President also confirmed the development of the Silver Line (Spanish: Linea Plateada) and announced the construction of the Park of Cultures and Mother Earth (Spanish: Parque de las Culturas y la Madre Tierra).

In total, these investments are estimated to cost $110 million.




Photo of the Week: Singapore Cable Car (Mount Faber Line)

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WORLD MAP UPDATE: Proposals and Ropeways Added

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Given the recent flurry of activity within the urban cable car sector, we took time to update the world map. For a larger version of map, click on the upper right hand corner of the map below or click here.


  • Albany, New York (July 2016)
  • Busan, South Korea (May 2016)
  • Chicago Skyline, Illinois (May 2016)
  • Don Valley Cable Car, Toronto, Ontario (March 2016)
  • Guatemala City, Guatemala (April 2016)
  • Kathmandu, Nepal (June 2016)
  • Konstantz, Germany (June 2016)
  • Linea Plateada (Silver Line) – Mi Teleférico (February 2016)
  • Seoul Sports Complex – Ttukseom Hangang Park (June 2016)
  • SFU Gondola, Burnaby, British Columbia (re-added due to news from June 2016)
  • Zurich, Switzerland (March 2016)


Our Facebook and Twitter page has up-to-the-minute updates, so be sure to check it out. If you have any ideas on how to make the map better, please let us know in the comments below or send us an email at gondola@creativeurbanprojects.com.



Photo of the Week: Koblenz Seilbahn

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Zusammenfassung: Deutschland is great. 🇩🇪

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