Tbilisi/Georgian Ropeways, Part 1.4 – Connecting Resorts and Hotels

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Ropeway approaching Sololaki Hills Hotel. Screenshot from Georgian Co-Investment Fund.

Central Tbilisi is undergoing tremendous change as the Georgian capital modernizes its aging infrastructure. In recent years, a growing number of visitors are flocking to Georgia with a record setting 2.3 million international tourist arrivals in 2016.

To support this growth, a new Tourism Development Fund was created to finance eight major hotel developments worth US$680 million. For followers of urban cable cars, three hospitality projects are worth mentioning.

  1. Hotel on Freedom Square: 220 rooms, office and commercial space (2018)
  2. Hotel Sololaki Hills: 370 rooms, conference room, aquarium (2019)
  3. Tabori Recreation and Golf Resort: 40ha, 5-star hotel, sports halls, restaurants and cafes (2018)

From the information provided online, it appears that passengers will be able to board a cable car in the heart of Tbilisi at the Hotel on Freedom Square and ride it directly to the Hotel Sololaki Hills.

Once passengers reach the hillside resort, a second ropeway will transport visitors to Tabori Recreation and Golf Resort — located adjacent to Tbilisi Botanical Gardens. Once the resort is opened in 2019, this development will be the city’s largest public recreational area.

Based on mapped locations and a video rendering, a 1.7km MDG system will connect these three major developments.

A big thank you for Irakli Z for sharing this project with us. If we missed anything or you have additional information, please let us know in the comments below and/or find us on Facebook and Twitter

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