LEITNER Ropeways: Sky High Views of Wildlife and Nature at Cabárceno Natural Park

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Image by LEITNER Ropeways.

Cabárceno cable car. Image by LEITNER Ropeways.

Cabárceno Natural Park is not your typical zoo or greenspace. Except for the provision of food, over 120 unique species of wildlife can be found living in a near natural/unaltered state over a 750ha expanse of reclaimed mining lands.

In the past, visitors to this massive parkland only had the option to drive, walk or bike through 20 km (12.4 mi) of roads. As of September 2016, visitors can glide through Northern Spain’s most popular destination onboard two environmentally friendly cable cars built by LEITNER Ropeways.

Sitting in the cable cars, guests can now view the park, its animals and the nearby city of Santander at vantage points never experienced before.

Image by LEITNER Ropeways.

Passengers get unique views of wildlife. Image by LEITNER Ropeways.

System map. Image LEITNER Ropeways.

System map. Image by LEITNER Ropeways.

Unparalleled Comfort, Reliability, and Experience

The two cable lifts combined provide visitors nearly 5 km of aerial fun over 4 stations, with a ride time of more than 20 minutes.

While both systems operate independently from each other, passengers can conveniently transfer between lines at the central interchange station.

Cabárceno Line 1 operates in a unique, unidirectional configuration that is shaped in form of a triangle. A total of 38 cabins provide a line capacity of 1,000 persons per hour. Visitors also have the choice to board two glass bottom cabins for a more exhilarating experience.

Image by LEITNER Ropeways.

Passenger boarding station. Image by LEITNER Ropeways.

Interchange Station. Image by LEITNER Ropeways.

Convenient transfers between lines 1 and 2. Image by LEITNER Ropeways.

Reducing Disruption and Noise, and Enhancing Sustainability 

To minimize disruption to wildlife, special drones were used to lay and install the ropes at sensitive locales. This meant that animals could remain in their habitats undisturbed.

In addition, the two cable lifts were designed with LEITNER Ropeways’ DirectDrive and LeitDrive systems. These unique drive solutions, offered only by LEITNER Ropeways, provides the benefits of lowered emissions, reduced noise and lowered maintenance requirements.

Overall the new ropeways provide users with a superior travel experience, and help the park minimize its impact to the natural environment.


Cabárceno Line 1:

Length 3,795 m
Vertical Distance 158.5 m
Speed 4 m/s
Capacity 1,000 p/h
Trip Time 15 min 57 sec
Number of Cabins 38
Number of Towers 22


Cabárceno Line 2:

Length 1,061 m
Vertical Distance 101.25 m
Speed 4 m/s
Capacity 1,000 p/h
Trip Time 4 min 27 sec
Number of Cabins 22
Number of Towers 6

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