Ropeways for Waves Have Dudes Everywhere “Like Totally Stoked!”

Post by Nick Chu

Wavegarden. Image from LEITNER Ropeways.

Surfing is not just for beach boys and Internet users any more. Using LEITNER Ropeway’s DirectDrive technology, Wavegarden has partnered with the South Tyrolean company to design a system that creates the world’s longest artificial surfing wave.

Consider the confluence: mountain technology bringing ocean shore culture inland.

The system generates continuous waves with ropeway technology where a watercraft is pulled through the pier. The results are 0.5 -1.9m high waves enabling surfers to ride for 18-35 seconds.

Described by enthusiasts as both “awesome” and “excellent!”, these perfect waves are ideal all surfer levels, from beginners to vets who regularly hang ten. The first inland surfing facility is being built right now in Austin, Texas.

For more information, click here.

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  1. Waterski and Wakeboard lifts have been around for a long time and are very popular here in Europe. Not sure what Leitner is trying to say here, but at least so far I've not seen a system build by them, despite living less than 50 miles from their headquarters.
  2. @Chris: The establishment in the picture is in the Conwy Valley in Snowdonia (north Wales). It produces the world's longest man-made surf wave and opens to the public on Saturday. Worthy of note I would say.