Quick Dwell Times Demonstrated Again – Steinbergbahn

Post by Nick Chu

The topic of dwell times has always been a gripping issue on the Gondola Project (see here and here). Arguably, this talking point is now increasingly important as more urban cable cars are built. And let’s be honest, in today’s fast-paced city centers, no one wants to spend a few minutes sitting in a station.

We previously witnessed 40 second dwell times on the gondola lift in Hasliberg, Switzerland but never had video evidence.

Luckily, thanks to reader Tommy W, he sent us a clip of the new Steinbergbahn in Saalbach, Austria which provides evidence that mid-station dwell times can indeed be 40 seconds. Take a look (starts at 1:43).


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  1. Here's another quick dwell time, on the mid-unload station on the Orange Bubble Express high speed quad at Canyons, Utah that also has seat heating. It starts at 5:25 and ends at 5:43, a dwell time of only 18 seconds. I know this is for a chairlift, not a gondola, but I thought it was worth mentioning. (https://youtu.be/rjLSa1odKmI) The point of long dwell times is that it makes unloading but especially loading much easier, while the drawback of this is the long wait in the cabins at the stations.
  2. That's probably one of the fastest mid-station dwell times I've seen yet. Even though its a chairlift and doesn't have a turn, it's still impressive. Nice find!