Love is in the Air…Literally

Post by Nick Chu

All aboard lovebirds! Image by Flickr user Keith Belton.

While we’re never zealots for any transit technology, we know that cable cars are basically unmatched when it comes down to “romance and charm.”

Don’t believe me? Check out the Roosevelt Island Tram Proposal, Linea Roja Wedding and the Hochzeitsgondel (Wedding Gondola).

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the Emirates Air Lines in London is looking to capitalize on the potential for mid-ride romance by partnering with MySingleFriends and the Thames Clipper for a free speed-dating event and a romantic joint-ticket package.

Judging by the attention that the idea has garnered (it looks like it may already be sold out), many hearts will be literally soaring come Valentine’s Day.

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Emirates Air Line / Just For Fun
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