Old School Fare Infographic: Singapore Cable Car

Post by Nick Chu

The Singapore Cable Car is quite the urban gondola and is known for being a pioneer in many regards. To name a few: it was the first to cross a major harbour, the first to have a glass bottom floor cabin and was the first to have an aerial sky dining experience.

Singapore Cable Car. Image by Nicholas Chu.

Singapore Cable Car. Image by Nicholas Chu.

And because it is a tourist system that caters to different types of visitors who wish to travel to different destinations (Mount Faber, Harbourfront Tower 2 and Sentosa), it probably has one of the most complex, yet clever cable car fare structures in the world.

A quick look at the system’s website immediately reveals that a passenger can choose almost anything they want: from a basic lift ticket to packaged deals which include other rides and attractions on Sentosa.

All of this can be rather confusing so to make things easier to understand, once a upon a time, the operators actually designed a simple yet elegant infographic to explain the many ways you can ride the system.

A blast from the past – a roundtrip for only $6.50! Image from www.virtualtourist.com

If you haven’t noticed already the prices shown are, unfortunately, outdated. I have no specific dates from when this picture was taken but my best guess is that it’s from the 90s.

Nonetheless, the illustration still offers a great lesson for any future cable car systems, particularly those who wish to make trips more easily understandable while providing passengers with the options that best suits their needs.


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  1. Love the image. Shows that "infographics" were invented way before hipsters worked on their macbooks in starbucks while sipping their lattes.