Terraza del Mar in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – Funicular Elevator

Post by Nick Chu

Here at the Gondola Project, we often discover really interesting uses of cable technology that is little known or understood. Couple weeks back, we found out about the Hohenwerfen Castle funicular and last year, we learned about the private funicular in the Kriens development in Switzerland.

In particular, the Kriens funicular demonstrates how cable can be implemented to open up development potential on hillside property. Coincidentally, while watching an episode of House Hunters this weekend, I stumbled upon a fascinating housing development which basically applies the same concept found in the Swiss example

The development I’m referring to is known as Terraza del Mara condo complex in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This building was constructed on a slope in a tiered formation which provides residents with spectacular views of Banderas Bay.

It's a little hard to see, but the funicular is sandwiched in the middle of the housing complex. Image from selectvr.com.

A closer view - funicular at the top of housing complex. Image by Flickr user mcgrayjr.

As we’ve discussed before, the implications of this application of cable technology can be far-reaching. In this example, with the introduction of a cable system, this previously “undevelopable” piece of real estate suddenly becomes “accessible” and skyrockets in value. Aside from the sheer cost-effectiveness of building a funicular to complement the development of a hillside property, the novelty and rarity of such a transport contraption suddenly gives the housing complex an edge on its competitors.

In fact, anecdotal evidence suggests that buyers often not only express that the funicular is their favourite part of Terraza Del Mar, but also find themselves riding it up and down like kids at Disneyland!

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  1. Nick, who is the manufacturer of this PV furnicular? Looking for a good referral for a project in Los Angeles.
  2. Not sure for this particular installation, but the world's largest cable manufacturers are Doppelmayr and Poma-Leitner. See this link for more: http://www.funimag.com/Funimag-Manufacturers.htm If looking for individual contacts, feel free to send me an email. nick@creativeurbanprojects.com