Underground Gondola In Livigno, Italy

Post by Steven Dale

A while back we discussed the challenges associated with finding information and images of specific gondola systems around the world. In that post, we made particular note of a ski resort installation in Livigno, Italy. That system had an underground station which (obviously) has dramatic implications for urban environments.

As luck would have it, people with Carosello 3000 (the ski resort where the underground gondola lives) contacted us over the weekend and offered us a handful of images that we could use on the site. Take a look:

Image courtesy of Carosello 3000.

Image courtesy of Carosello 3000.

Image courtesy of Carosello 3000.

Image courtesy of Carosello 3000.

Thanks again to Bertolini Camillo and the folks at Carosello 3000!

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  1. subway to gondola, direct connection? that'd b cool
  2. Matt the Engineer
    That's at least a 45 degree angle downward. I wonder if that's approaching a maximum. The closer we can get to an elevator, the smaller footprint we'll need to make at-grade stations.
  3. There is another interesting project about to start http://youtu.be/YGUgnzhIQnc
  4. 45° decline is the steepest haul rope allowable by safety code regulations in Western Canada.
  5. Not the first time something like this has been done, interestingly. There's a video of a ropeway conveyer in Dover, taken in the 1930s, that goes into a tunnel for 1/4 of a mile through a cliff. There's a video of it here, but unfortunately I've not been able to find anything else on it as yet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwC0x0eQX_w