A Tramway Aérien, Urban Gondola, Cable Car, or Téléphérique in Laval, Quebec?

Post by Steven Dale

We’re currently monitoring developments in Quebec and an announcement by the Société de transport de Laval (STL), the transportation planning agency for the Montreal suburb of Laval.

According to an STL press release the agency will provide details regarding a feasibility study for what they’re calling “Un Tramway Aérien” as part of that city’s transportation network. In addition “a visual simulation of the proposed aerial tramway, in the context of planned developments in downtown Laval, will be presented at the press conference.”

We’ll provide more details and information after the press conference.

For those interested, forum debates on the topic (in French) are currently ongoing at mtlurb.com and metrodemontreal.com. Our French readers are encouraged to provide details and translations in the comments.

UPDATE . . . 

The official STL Press Release is now available here. The visualization video is also up on Youtube. It’s only in French, but well worth a look:

Well talk about this more, I’m sure.

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  1. Beautiful! Glad to see another Canadian city onboard. I have high hopes for this connection!