New Urban Gondola System Opens in Ordu, Turkey

Post by Steven Dale

Reminiscent of recent tourist-based urban gondola systems that seem to be popping up everywhere lately (such as Portugal’s new Teléferico de Gaia), the new Ordu Teleferik in Turkey opened just weeks ago and is decidedly urban – at least for the first half of its length.

Take a look:


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  1. Is it really an urban gondola? Besides: great! (good views, exciting trip and even good music)
  2. The views going down at night are breathtaking! Looks more like a tourist gondola going up to a park though.
  3. Good, you are spending now more time at the forum: http://gondolaproject.com/forum/topic.php?id=31 But as I described at "A Massive Learning Opportunity" http://gondolaproject.com/2011/07/06/a-massive-learning-opportunity/ >>"There are many ropeways on the area of a city or town, built for tourists [ Grenoble (France), Cologne (Germany), Bregenz (Austria), Zagreb (Kroatia), Funchal (Portugal), Santorini ( Greece), Haifa (Israel)... ], but therefore are they “URBAN” ropeways? I believe, it is better to identify or give the role “urban ropeways” only to lines for public mass transportation, for commuters, students, shoppers and leisure behaviour, less than for tourists. Related to the user, not only to the area. I am not be fully convinced, if a ropeway to an Asian Temple, Zoo or island with an amusement and fun park is an “urban ropeway” too. It is just not simply."<< Is a hiking trail starting at a city therefore an "urban hiking trail" ?
  4. I know a lot of ropeways across amusement parks or exhibition areas, but they are not "urban ropeways" too, even if the park is inside an urban area.
  5. THIS http://gondolaproject.com/forum/topic.php?id=39 is an URBAN ropeway, I believe !
  6. Wow, that's a serious gap between towers 2 and 3. I didn't know you could do that with an MGD.
  7. er, MDG. :-)
  8. MGD (Monocable gondola detachable) is correct- §:o)
  9. Even 10 m more than total track of the Rheinseilbahn in Koblenz.
  10. Yeah, I noticed that too. Must have something to do with the degree of inclination.
  11. or almost nothing at all. In the end it is a whole different system - different speed, different capacity, different costs, different country and different regulations. Even different manufacturer.