New Urban Gondola Transit Line Opens in Netherlands

Post by Steven Dale

The new urban gondola in Venlo, Netherlands. Image via Floriade 2012.

Over the Easter weekend, a new urban gondola system opened in the Netherlands.

This system, in the small city of Venlo, is the longest ever in the Netherlands at an admittedly modest 1.1 kilometers.

As is becoming a common theme and narrative, there’s virtually no publicly available information on the system.

What we do know is this: It was built for the Floriade 2010 Horticultural Expo and; based upon the few images we’ve found, it’s built by Doppelmayr.

Given that Doppelmayr was also responsible for other systems built for European horticultural fairs (such as in Koblenz, Munich and or Rostock) I think it safe to assume that this Austrian manufacturer has pretty much locked up the surprisingly robust European flower-loving, gondola-aficionado market.

As always, if anyone is able to track down more information, images and/or videos of the system, please post them in the comments.

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  1. well by 42 passenger cabins, i believe they meant 42 8-passenger cabins, but otherwise there don't seem to be many details yet http://www.seilbahntechnik.net/en/lifts/15241/datas.htm
  2. here's a video of the opening of the system: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfZc3WfKiEE
  3. image of the system under construction (although the article with the picture says 46 cabins) http://www.l1.nl/content/5039407/helikopter_legt_kabelbaan_aan and a peak inside the cabins: http://www.floriade.nl/nieuws/nieuws-archief/succesvol-openingsweekend-floriade-kabelbaan-en-preview-center