Sunday Morning Statshot

Post by Nick Chu

A quick look at some of the things that make your cities work (or not):


First country to celebrate the new year: Kiribati

First major city: Auckland, New Zealand

Last: Pago Pago, Samoa

First year Christmas legalized as a holiday: 1870

Number of finalists for NY’s taxi contest: 3

New York subway poetry: Eliminated

Nothing to read?: Subway nap time

Boxing day Canada: Shopping

Boxing day in African Commonwealth: Boxing

Never miss an open parking spot next holiday season: Parking App

Distance Santa covers to deliver presents: 160,000,000 km

Speed at which Santa travels: Light speed

Time needed to deliver presents: 500 seconds

World’s tallest Christmas tree: Tasmania

Height: 84m

World’s tallest artificial Christmas tree: Mexico City

Height: 90m

Largest snowman in Poland: Trzebnica

Largest in the world: Bethel, Maine

Largest Christmas Parade in the world: Toronto

Lots to carry?: Cargo bike

Blizzard-proof your bike: Zip Tie

For all your fairweather bike-riding pinkos: Winter cycling tips

North American Santa helpers: Elves

Dutch Santa helpers: Zwarte Pete (Black Pete)

Swiss Santa helpers: Schmutzli

Good kids: Presents in stockings

Bad North American kids: Coals

Bad Swiss kids: Schmutzli stick

Bad Austrian kids:  Krampus whip

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Sunday Statshot
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