Cable Splicing: A Video

Post by Steven Dale

Cable splicing must be one of the most specialized professions in the world.

Consider it: There’s anywhere from ten to twenty thousand cable systems around the globe, each needing its haul ropes replaced every so often. Meanwhile, there’s only a few people in the world licensed and/or experienced enough to do it.

It’s also probably the single most important job in any cable system. After all, the splice is the weakest point of the entire system and if that goes, things go wrong quickly. As a testament to the specialization and competency of these individuals, there is no documented case (that I know of) of a cable splice failing. And this is a job done mostly by hand! That’s a level of precision and success that surgeons don’t even have.

Take a look:

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  1. That's amazing stuff. I wonder how much money a cable splicer makes!
  2. I also recommend you check out some of the footage from the Peak 2 Peak in Whistler. The August 2008 construction update describes the rope and splice work. http://ww1.whistlerblackcomb.com/p2pg/video/