Ugly is an Opportunity to be Beautiful

Post by Steven Dale

The Parthenon. Image by roblisameehan.

2,500 hundred years ago a Greek sculptor crafts an enormous statue of the goddess Athena out of gold and ivory. They need to build a roof to shield her from the elements. So how do you build a roof that large that long ago?

Columns, obviously. But columns are ugly, aren’t they? Sure they are, unless you decide they needn’t be. Hence the Parthenon.

You can look at Urban Gondola tower infrastructure in one of two ways: Either it’s ugly, full stop or it’s an opportunity to be truly beautiful or exciting. And that’s a choice. You choose to be ugly or you choose to be beautiful.

And that goes not just for Urban Gondolas, but all types of city infrastructure:

Image by tokomabibelot.

Image by Naimi&virg.

Image by Richard Durdl.

Image by haracat3.

Image by Florian.

Image by neighborhoods.org.

It’s your choice. Choose wisely.

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Comments Off on Ugly is an Opportunity to be Beautiful